Open Call for Art Galleries

Open Call for Art Galleries

Deadline for applications Friday 20 March 2020 (20/03/20)

The call established by RESTART is an open international invitation for art galleries, art dealers and commercial art spaces to participate to the platform’s exhibition program for summer 2020 and showcase their art force to the multicultural audience of a summer gallery in a popular Greek island.

The aim of this Open Call is to select 3 international art galleries that the platform will produce their proposed exhibitions to any of our collaborating galleries in the islands (Mykonos or Santorini or Rhodes). The exhibition season begins late April and finishes mid-October. Each project will be exhibited for 4 weeks sometime within the exhibition season.

As an art gallery, you can choose to present group or solo shows of your collaborating artists. We will produce and promote your show through our business and media network.

For every exhibition we organize and cover all expenses of the followings:

  • Artwork transportation // that is from Athens to the island (by ferry boat) and back *we do not cover transportation costs for artworks that come from other cities or countries. All artwork has to arrive to our headquarters in Athens and from there we take it to the island.
  • Set up team, to help you with the unpacking and packing of the work
  • Exhibition Set-up // in case you are not able to travel to the island, we have experienced curators that can set your exhibition.
  • Publishing (editing and printing) the brochure or catalogue with the artworks and the artists cv’s and curatorial note.
  • 50% discount on ferry boat tickets (round trips) for 2 people + 1 car, to the island of your exhibition
  • Accommodation for 2 people (1 double room) for 2 nights for the setup of your exhibition
  • Our “set up” team will do the packaging of the artwork at the end of the exhibition
  • Welcome dinner.
  • Press releases and interviews through our over 100 media supporters’ network

For any artwork that is sold, neither RESTART platform nor the gallery of the hotel that you will be hosted, claims any commission. You make your contracts and arrangements with your artists – we simply give you a full functioning art gallery inside a popular hotel.

As a gallery, you can submit to the open call with your own theme and selected participating artists. You can participate with either group or solo show. The art spaces that we run vary from 150 to 220 square meters. This usually is a good space to exhibit around 60 – 70 artworks, depending on the sizes. (we recommend easy transferable sizes so in case of interest, your byer takes the artwork with him).

We are interested in promoting both emerging and established artists as long as their work fits to your exhibitions curatorial note. Our preferred themes are about Nature, Animals, Sea, Sun and Light.

Mediums acceptable are: painting, photography, sculpture, digital, prints, fiber art, collage, drawing and installation art.

Sizes of the artworks: min. 20×20 cm // max. 100×100 cm (for larger artworks we have to make special arrangements, so let’s talk about it if you have something really interesting that you want to include to your exhibition)

As Restart’s collaborating gallery, we cover all your accommodation costs in order to set your exhibition (3 days- 2 nights to set at the beginning). You travel to the island by ferry boat with the “set up team” that will help you unpack the artworks and create the exhibition.

You have to make sure that all artworks of your participating artists are delivered ready for hanging on the wall and conveniently packaged. You are also responsible to collect all electronic data for the published material (catalogue, brochures, etc…) on the correct formats and within the deadlines. This means Cv’s, profile pictures, artwork picture, all fitting the publisher’s requirements.

So, if you want to join our group, upload your proposal.

We accept multiple proposals if you are interested it participation in more projects.

Send your proposal to our email:

Proposal must contain:

  • Portfolio of your gallery / website
  • Curatorial note and detailed description of your project (all texts in English)
  • Short CV of your participating artists
  • Images of the works to be displayed. *if by the time of your application, some artworks are not ready yet- or your artists are about to create new artworks for this specific project, you will have to send us the portfolio of your artists- former works – website or any other documentation of their artistic style.