“Barbares d’ Esprit”

Santorini Tomato Industrial Museum “D.Nomikos”, in collaboration with Restart Contemporary Art Platform, proudly present the artistic group “Barbares d’ Esprit” and introduce the audience to…

Reflect on Me

Reflect on Me is a Contemporary Photography exhibition curated by Maria Kappatou. The exhibition took place at Venus Gallery in Mykonos Curatorial note: “Everything in…

The Naked Truth

When is a person considered as naked? Does nudity only refer to clothes, accessories and visible body parts? Nudity and truth might also be hiding…

Winds of Art

The exhibition Winds of Art was the first group show that was presented at Venus Gallery in Mykonos, opening the 2019 season. Curatorial Note:  “On…

Venus Gallery

Venus Gallery is a promising newly established art space, located inside  in Mykonos island in Greece. It is the outcome of the expressed desire of the hotel’s board of directors to segment on Cultural Tourism, upgrade the brand’s cultural awareness and promote the exceptional work of local contemporary artists.

The Eternal Light of Greece

In the atmospheric and truly charming area of ​​Lindian Village in Rhodes, on the exceptionally beautiful Lardos beach, the exhibition   “The Eternal Greek Light”  has found the perfect place to act as its host.

Abstraction and Gesture

Canaves Oia Epitome in collaboration with #Rest@rt Contemporary Art Platform presents the painting exhibition “Abstraction and Gesture” which takes place inside the suites and the public areas of the hotel.

My Heaven

Concept of the exhibition: Dimitris Lazarou
At this contemporary exhibition, participating artists are called to present their ideal perception of paradise.

Summer Lovers

Gallery “Artshot- Sophia Gaitani”, located in Acropolis- Athens, in collaboration with Aqua Gallery of Santorini, under the cultural umbrella of #Rest@rt Contemporary Art Platform, present the group exhibition “SUMMER LOVERS”.

Art Traveling …

EPsilon Art Gallery in collaboration with Aqua Gallery curates the group exhibition entitled "Art Traveling ...”. The showcase of 25 participating artists is presented through #Restart Platform for the period July- August 2017.

Greeks Artists’ Trips

Eos art gallery, in collaboration with art historian and curator Marina Kanakaki, participates in the #Restart Platform and presents a group exhibition at Aqua Gallery in Santorini.

Habitable Gallery

The concept of creating an art gallery using the accommodation space of a luxurious villa led us to the project “Habitable Gallery” in collaboration with Restart Cultural Tourism Program.

Press Trip

The aim of a Press Trip is to strengthen the relations with our communicational ambassadors and to offer a first hand experience of our client’s services.

Escaping South Festival

Oriented at the development of Cultural Tourism, “Escaping South Festival” aims to become an established international event that will highlight the vivid character of all southern areas around the globe.

Aqua Gallery

On its second year, already winning the Greek Tourism Award at the category of Cultural Tourism, Aqua Gallery continues to connect Greek hospitality with the promotion of local Contemporary Art production.