Habitable Gallery

Habitable Gallery

The concept of creating an art gallery using the accommodation space of a luxurious villa led us to the project “Habitable Gallery” in collaboration with Restart Cultural Tourism Program. In North Villas, the passion of its proprietors for artistic endeavour and multifunctional details led them to fuse works of art into their everyday life.

Have you ever thought of living in a gallery? Or, at least, surrounded by unique and sophisticated pieces of art? thus the serene realm of the North Villas came to be, an accommodation haven with élan that will host your most memorable holidays in Santorini.

The villas are designed almost in uniform, with the same compelling atmosphere, yet each with its own distinct character; different colour palettes, different concepts and of course, unique masterpieces by local and international artists, each with their distinct feel, integrated in the décor and daily functions of the villas. This is the dernier-cri of Santorinian accommodation, the exalted new proposal of living in elegant simplicity, immersed in a sensational journey of movement, form and colour; immersed into art.

North Villas Tip: Events and exhibitions from local and international artists hosted on occasion in the facilities of North Villas add to this endeavour and promote the exchange of ideas, offering more inspiration and a refreshing perception of art.