Restart AiR Program

This is an open call for the Restart AiR program in Santorini Island. The program takes place at the Tomato Industrial Museum, “D.Nomikos”  in Vlychada beach.

Santorini island has been a source of inspiration for artists due to the active volcano and the prehistoric civilization. The Santorini Restart AiR program offers luxury accommodation inside the Museum and spacious studio for the artists to create with basic painting, workshop facilities and machinery.

The program welcomes international artists into a space that blends art and cultural exchange. For up to two months, artists live by the beach side in the museum area, have access to their own work space, leisure zones and free-use of event spaces. All that while connecting with museum visitors from every corner of the world.

Residency duration: one week to two months during September- October.

Accommodation: single or double- bed private rooms with private bathroom in a house inside the premises of the museum. Shared kitchen, living room, open yard. Includes amenities, kitchen equipment, coffee machine, hairdryer, fresh sheets and towels every week.

Creative studio:  A 100 square meter working space (one of the factory’s warehouses) is available for artists to work and create. Basic painting facilities include all material you will need to start creating (you just bring your brushes).

Every artist is offered:
500 ml acrylic colour black
500 ml acrylic colour white
500 ml acrylic colour red
500 ml acrylic colour blue
500 ml acrylic colour yellow
500 ml acrylic binder
Japanese ink (black and other colours)
Aquarelle paper (325 gr)
Cotton canvas (roll)

Machinery: electric drill, electric cutting wheel (and grinder), electric screwdriver, hummer, electric welding, canvas printer (for photography)

In exchange for their stay, residents are asked to leave behind a trace of their time at the museum: typically, this comes in the form of a painting or a site-specific piece that takes up permanent space in the museum.

Applications & Cost: applications deadline for the program September/ October 2020 is 15 February 2020. Upload examples of your work (or a website link), a letter of purpose stating as precisely as possible how you wish to conduct and what your expectations are from the residency.

The cost is of 500 € per week for 1 person (in a single room with private bathroom) or 600 € for a couple (artist + companion in a double room with private bathroom) _ or 1700 € per month (1 person), 2.000 € per month (couple).

Eligible artists: visual artists, writers, new media artists, performers, musicians. Creative artists of any age or national origin, and working in any discipline, as well as educators associated with the arts (e.g. curators, museum educators) can apply.

Expenses paid by the artist: Travel & Food

Other activities happening at the space: Exhibitions, Workshops, Presentations, Museum Tours

From Factory to Museum _ history:

The story goes back to 1915 when Dimitrios Nomikos started the production of tomato paste in a small pre-industrial technology plant. Since then the “Nomikos” family was the ascendant producer of tomato paste made by cherry-sized tomatoes that grew on the island. In 1945 the factory of Vlychada was built and business would develop through years with more plantations in other islands. In 1971 the first export to Europe starts and growth of the firm in continental Greece with more factories.  For Santorini in the years to follow tourism will grow and tomato cultivation will shrink on the island, causing the factory to cease its operation permanently after the last crop of 1981.

The historical tomato factory of D.Nomikos in Vlychada has been transformed into a modern Industrial Tomato Museum, offering its visitors a journey back to the industrial past of Santorini, by guiding them through the cultivation, processing and production of tomato. Given that tomato is one of the most famous and traditional products of Santorini, makes this experience a unique one. In the museum the visitor experiences all the traditional methods followed by the tomato producers of Santorini and at the same time, becomes acquainted with the museum exhibits.

How to reach:

By plane (direct flights to Santorini Airport JTR or connecting flight from Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos ATH)

By ferry boat with Blue Star Ferries departing daily from Piraeus Port (8-hour trip) * we offer you 50% discount in boat tickets since Blue Star Ferries is our sponsor!

Send your proposal to our email:

Proposal must contain:

  • Portfolio and CV of the artist
  • Detailed description of your project (all texts in English) (in case you are a team of 5)